Why Won't My Toilet Stop Running?


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Running ToiletDo you know why the sound of a running toilet is so annoying? It's because it's just the sound of money running down the drain! So, if you're currently experiencing this problem, we definitely understand why you'd like to put an end to it immediately.

"Fortunately" this is a common plumbing problem with fairly easy fixes, so you can save your water bill and your sanity in no time!

Here are 4 quick fixes you can try today to stop your running toilet:

How to Stop a Running Toilet

Replace Your Toilet Flapper

If your flapper is old, it may not be sealing as well which will allow the water flow to get out-of-control! When water keeps leaking from the tank to the bowl, it will run until the float gets low enough to trigger the fill vale to refill the tank, and then the process will start all over again. In this case, a new flapper is all you need to return your toilet to normal!

Adjust Your Toilet Flapper Chain

That flapper that we just mentioned is connected to your toilet handle with a chain. If your chain is too long — which is any longer than necessary to connect the flapper and the handle — it could get stuck between the flapper and the flush valve. In that case, the flapper won't be able to seal and you already know what that means from the previous section of this yarticle. If this is your problem, you're just one slightly shorter flapper chain away from a quieter toilet!

Lower the Water Level in Your Toilet Tank

This one is easy as pie! The water in the tank should shouldn't exceed 1/2 inch below the overflow pipe. If your water level is too high (anything above that 1/2" mark) , just adjust the float to the right position and your toilet should stop running!

Replace Your Toilet Fill Valves

Have none of our previous suggestions solved your problem? Now it's time to check your fill valves! If your fill valves aren't turning off after a couple of seconds, your tank can get over-filled forcing water to drain out of the overflow pipe. If that's the case, it's time to call in a trusty plumber (that's us!) to fix your fill valves and quiet your toilet for good!

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